That's right! Book marketing done for you.

After much demand, we have finally launched a new service for authors - 'BOOK MARKETING 4 YOU!'


One common denominator amongst independent and self-published authors is the challenge of transitioning from a writer to a marketer. It is not easy and the confidence and strategies required to achieve positive results in marketing don't just appear. Hence why our highly successful Book Marketing Mentorship is so popular. Confidence, strategies, resources, and support are provided to you as an author in a 1-on-1 setting focusing on you, your genre, and your vision with tangible tasks focused on achieving results - book sales!


However, many authors comment 'but can't you market for me?' Up until now, the answer was always no. Your book and the vision you have for it is yours, no one else's. You need to lead that journey to achieve that vision.

But let's be fair. Many authors work full time, don't have the funds to invest in further programs, have family commitments, and a myriad of other reasons why they can't commit to the book marketing journey. That's where 'BOOK MARKETING 4 YOU!' comes in.


Ocean Reeve Publishing now offers 12-hour blocks of marketing activity to authors with a clear focus to make sales. 

The first 2-3 hours of this block involve a video call between our lead Marketing Mentor Joshua Clifton, one of our direct marketing specialists, and you - the author! This call comes off the back of the completion of a form to ensure we understand elements such as your 'why', the target audience, your current digital footprint, and much more. Then research occurs to ensure our approach to generate sales is prepared and ready to go.

Following this, the remaining 9-10 hours are spent implementing direct marketing strategies for your book to gain sales. These hours are carried out over a 3-4 week period.  Now, while there are never any guarantees in sales and marketing, we have developed a very simple target structure for us to work towards to ensure you, the author, makes a return on your investment. Once achieved and we have confidently shown you that we can get results, then it is logical to examine purchasing another 12-hour block. 


Each 12-hour block costs $950 incl GST. The simple target is this - if your book retails for $29.95, our first focus is to sell a minimum of 32 books for you to make that return on investment. Naturally, our primary goal is to sell as many as we can but it is good to know from the beginning how the targets are set and for you, as the author, to know it is in our hands to get the results - not yours.

Let's take this one step further. We are so confident that our marketing team can easily hit that first focus, that if we don't achieve half of that target to return your investment, we will refund you 50% of the $950 fee. So to spell that out, if the book sells for $29.95 and we need to sell 32 to get your investment back, and we only sell 15 - $475AUD will be refunded. In this example, we must get 16 sales minimum to ensure this does not occur. Why do this? ACCOUNTABILITY! We write books! We publish books! We market books! 

Let us do the 'BOOK MARKETING 4 YOU!'


Simply fill out the form below and click submit and we will reach out to you to get underway.


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