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Below are just a few of the comments by some successfully independently published authors.

'Ocean has helped Cindy Rochstein Books grow amazingly over the past 2 years. The first work we did together was such an amazing investment for me, both financial and intellectual, as well as to the growth of my brand as it set the platform in which to launch the first of many successful self-published novels. Ocean’s knowledge of the self-publishing industry was paramount in the way I chose to launch my books and his support throughout the entire process is without hesitation the element that sets him apart from others in his industry.

So far Ocean has helped bring three of my novels to publishing completion with 10 more on the way. He understands that ‘the devil is in the detail’ and applies this to every aspect of the writing process from draft formulation, editing, graphic design, marketing strategies, press coverage and pitches to complimentary industries, all to gain the exposure and sales that I require to increase the strength of my brand in this competitive industry.

I would never work with anyone other than Ocean and if you want success in the self-publishing world and implementation of your books into the world as well as company growth and brand development, where you know you will get the results- use Ocean. When a lot is riding on ‘your dream’ you have to be sure that the outcomes will be positive and I can’t thank Ocean enough for assisting Cindy Rochstein Books in getting where we are today.'

Cindy Rochstein

'The knowledge of Ocean’s experience in the publishing world has been invaluable in restoring my trust levels by his honest and refreshing personal approach.  Ocean Reeve has a unique ability to identify each person’s publishing requirements, tailoring his editors, front cover designers, and printing team accordingly. After a terrible experience with another publisher, Ocean has helped clarify not just the basic steps involved in publishing but the entire process.  He outlines the need to be active with my marketing and offers the support I always needed and wanted to make my self-publishing journey a success. I am delighted to personally recommend Ocean as a person who listens and genuinely cares about successful outcomes for my novels, in today’s realistic marketing parameters.'

Carmel Joyce

'It seems very fitting that Ocean Reeve publishes his first book about self-publishing. The guidance and advice he has provided for us from the nerve racking first step, to the final product, has freed us of the worry and allowed us to focus on what we love, writing. When it comes to such a massive leap into an unknown world there is no other person we want in our corner. The success we have enjoyed from the early days of publishing our first novel that has now grown to a second and third can be contributed to Ocean.'

TNT Corlis

'From every good story can become a great concept. From the first thought of a book idea to holding your finalised product in your hands for everyone & anyone to enjoy, Ocean Reeve made that possibility a reality. The novella, ‘Worlds Away; Point of no return’, is owed to the professionalism no nonsense approach Ocean provided for myself as a first time author. The final product has been excellently received with the possibility of a trilogy definitely on the cards.'

Barry Kirkwood

'I cannot recommend Ocean Reeve highly enough. From the onset his service was professional and efficient. Ocean was always with you every step of the way. His assistance with the creative was always on point and he was a pleasure to deal with on every occasion. I would certainly use his services again.'

Doriette McIvor-Stone

'I am a new author, which means I had no idea of what is required to successfully write and self-publish a book. However, from the first day I met with Ocean Reeve, working with him was a blessing. He was available to answer my questions every step of the way, he gave me encouragement where I needed a push and told me everything I needed to know. Ocean is very approachable and he is amazing at his work.

All I can say is that I am glad I found him and feel blessed to have had Ocean work with and guide me through my dream of publishing my biography. I wish you all the very best Ocean, because the best of you is what you offer your clients.'

Memuna Barnes

'In 2013 I made the decision to have my debut novel self-published.  Where to start?  I googled Self-publishers and, among others, Ocean came up.  I contacted 5 of them, either via e-mail or phone. Taking the replies into consideration, I narrowed it down to 2.  It was not hard to choose Ocean to take care of my “Baby”.  Through his boundless energy, enthusiasm, knowledge, advice, encouragement and optimism, we soon had my finished product underway.  Communication was first rate and it was not unusual to receive an e-mail from him at 6 AM or 10 PM, or even a Sunday, such is his dedication to his craft. Readers of my novel have commented positively on the eye-catching front cover and also on the quality of the formatting and printing of the novel. I received good value for my money and would not hesitate to use Ocean for any future self-publishing I may undertake.'

Julie McCullough

'Being a first time editor revising my late mother’s book, I have been delighted to have Ocean as my mentor. I was unfamiliar with formatting, book design and other publishing requirements and Ocean has kindly stepped in to impart his expertise. As an insecure person, I tend to fret and Ocean has gone out of his way to reassure me. I cannot thank him enough. I appreciate the personal touch he brings and his unfailing availability and his patience have lifted my spirits when they were flagging and they have indeed helped build my confidence. I am very grateful for his support. He was prepared to comply with any of my requests for changes when he deemed them necessary and gently advising me to the contrary when they were not . He has an easy manner on the phone and I could actually see his smile shining through his emails.'

Marie Ternel

'I am the publisher of several books and have worked with Ocean for several years. He talks to us on a level playing field and this to me is important. Ocean has the knowledge to give to self-publishers and I encourage anyone to ring him and talk with him their ideas. I have learned a lot and on my second book the proof reading module he implemented came out really good. Do ring him and talk over your dreams and ideas.'

Mitch Edwards

'Having spent fourteen years compiling my “Epic”, which ended up being more than 660,00 words and 632 A4 pages of verse, I didn’t even bother to send it to a traditional publisher. Having put all that work into it however, I was loathe to just put it away and forget about it so I approached Ocean with the view to self-publishing. He guided me through three proof copies and made suggestions as to the content (besides the basic text) of the finished publication. He organized the cover design, with which I am well pleased, and gave advice on many aspects of marketing. Every time I look at this hefty tome, I am delighted with the finished product and with its five-star review on Amazon as well as the many compliments from friends. I can do nothing else but recommend his services.'

Rex Callahan

'I took on an enormous task when I decided to self-publish my first book; a full-colour, high quality tutorial of 260 pages for professional photographers. I was lucky to find the knowledgeable assistance of Ocean Reeve, who had the book beautifully printed and helped me then to market it. Both of these areas were a mystery to me when I began. Having Ocean’s skilful contribution to complete my project, I can feel proud of my achievement as an author and look forward to rewarding sales.'

Russell Brown

'We found Ocean to be totally cooperative and supportive through the whole process. He gave clear and concise instructions when we needed guidance and We were delighted with the end product!'

Sharyn McKenzie

'My journey in self-publishing has been a great one but it has also been hard at times. Once I began consulting with Ocean Reeve things became a lot easier. Ocean showed true interest in my work, helping me through every step of the publishing process and really wanting my work to be shown in the greatest light.'

Simone Strydom

'After my first meeting with Ocean Reeve I knew we were going to do business together. I was impressed by the way he listened.  This was Number One on my list. After reading my manuscript he asked questions about the plans I had in mind for my children’s book. Naturally as a first time author I have much to learn, in consultation with people like Ocean who are educated and experienced in the business. I feel I can trust Ocean to help guide me on my mission – and trust is the essential foundation for a good and lasting relationship.'

Fay Moxly

'When I started looking for help publishing my book I found Ocean Reeve. I thought it had to be fate as my children’s book series is about Max, a boy learning to surf and his best friend Little Dude a dolphin, so I thought if his name is “Ocean” he must be meant to help me on my journey. So I made the phone call. I found Ocean to be very easy to talk to, he helped me every step of the  way. From publishing, marketing, book trailer and Author Interview (and believe me, I was nervous) Ocean made my self-publishing experience a dream come true. Now I have my first book published and available in 8 bookstores as well as my website, Amazon as an e-book and surf shops. If you are looking for that down to earth, friendly and very professional person to help you with your publishing journey, then look no further Ocean is your man!'

Michelle Hennessey

'In 2012 I finally made the decision to write and publish a book. I wanted to use an Australian business for the design, publishing and printing.  After emailing various businesses, Ocean Reeve, responded instantly, answering all my questions.  Not only did Ocean respond instantly, he was actually only one of three who did!

In those early days Ocean proved a source of amazing knowledge and continuous support. He guided me through every step of the publishing process.  His response times are always extremely timely and he is always bending over backwards to help out throughout the whole process.  Ocean is the only person I would trust to work with me through this process when I am ready to compile my next book.  I cannot recommend him highly enough.'

Silva Mirovics

'Over the past six months myself, Margot Stephens & Toni Behrens, two professional artists who teach part time have published a small, high quality book enabling many students to realise a dream of being published illustrators. As we had no prior experience in publishing this was a remarkable achievement only made possible by the support & guidance of Ocean Reeve. With the success of this first publication we hope to create a much more ambitious project this year with broader community involvement. We hope we can continue working with Ocean to bring this project to a successful launch  later in the year.

Thanks Ocean, your support has been invaluable.'

Margot Stephens & Toni Behrens

'I can’t speak highly enough about Ocean Reeve who has made publishing my book, totally ‘pain free’.  Ocean was able to help me produce a beautiful, top quality book, with colour illustrations throughout, exactly the way I wanted, in very quick time, which was important to me for family reasons.

Besides publishing the book, Ocean set up my Amazon online account, and gave me valuable marketing advice, and great service, in a friendly, professional manner.

I have no hesitation in recommending Ocean for any self-publishing need, and I will certainly be using their expertise to publish my future works.'

Wendy Campbell

'When the student is ready the teacher appears!

I feel so blessed to have found Ocean and to work with him in collaboration on my latest projects.  After self publishing three titles with great passion however little guidance; it has been such a pleasure to find Ocean with his wealth of experience and knowledge of the publishing industry. Ocean supported my dream of releasing my titles internationally and with ease and grace he gave my Angel books wings to fly world wide via the eBook and Amazon POD platforms.  Forever grateful!'

Michelle Newton

'My first sailing book would have been scuttled long before it was launched if not for Ocean Reeve’s expert guidance to navigate through the many reefs and hazards laying in wait just below the surface of the murky waters of self publishing. Going it alone would have been like setting sail without a compass.'

Rob Oberg

'Hi my name is Lora Brand and I am pleased to brag about the customer service given from Ocean Reeve. My experience in dealing with Ocean throughout the process of having my first book published was excellent. Considering my poor computer skills Ocean walked me through each area nescessary and no question was too difficult. Ocean always found a way to work with me on the areas I lacked. As a result my book was successfully published and have been selling well. Ocean has always endeavered to answer any questions, even after the publication in October

I am confident and am looking forward to working with Ocean in the future.'

Lora Brand

'Writing a book is all about communication. As an author you feel as if you are the one doing the communicating and everyone else has to read and, hopefully, enjoy what you put out there. But really there is much more to it and it is when the task comes to transform the manuscript over which you have slaved into the polished and marketable creation that so many authors come unstuck.

I thought I had got my manuscript to an almost ready-to-print stage. It was far more complex than I had believed and  am so fortunate to have had Ocean on my side getting through the myriad of steps. Where I was getting frustrated with my own editing and proofing, Ocean appeared to become more patient. When the proofs were finally completed and approved he swung into action and obtained all the necessary data to make it all happen. He kept me informed all the while with print timings and marketing ploys and dates when the book would be available online and ensured the funds were flowing appropriately. Ocean, I now count as a friend as well as my publisher and I thank him for walking the journey with me.'

Jay Lawry

'The first step to self-publishing I took was with Ocean Reeve. He has been great in providing all the information I needed and led me down the path to become a successful self-published author. Guided me all the way and respected my wishes. I gained so much courage that self-published my second written work through them and getting ready to publish the next one. I value the efficiency, being on time and downright easy.'

Stefka Harp

'Ocean Reeve has a drive to succeed in the marketing and publishing world; not only for business but also for the clients who come to him. Ocean introduced me into the world of publishing and marketing when I approached him with my late Father’s book to see if it was worth publishing. There are so many ways of publishing these days and he knows them all. His maxim is ‘There is a book in everyone’. Ocean’s reaction to my Father’s book and his enthusiasm to guide me through publishing and marketing the book has brought a longtime vision into reality. He put me at ease and gave me so many avenues that I am now writing my own and making plans for a second. With this latest work by Ocean where he provides his wealth of knowledge on marketing, anyone can achieve their aspirations in the world of books.'

Linda Daniel

'Ocean worked with me to publish a large and complex theological book of 718 Pages in Crown Quarto size.  During this time I was most unwell, battling terminal cancer and palliative cancer treatments.   Although there were difficult periods where I wondered whether I would live to see it completed, the project is now in its final stages and I am grateful for the way Ocean worked with me in getting my book ‘across the line.'

Ken Butcher

'I highly recommend Ocean for anyone wanting to fulfil their dream and self-publish a book. His hard work and dedication is testimony to his work ethic and professionalism.'

Justin Hasell

'My daughter and I are entering the final stages of being first-time self-publishers of a children’s book, with the assistance of Ocean Reeve as our consultant and mentor. As new voyagers on this exciting yet oft-treacherous sea of opportunity, it is a joy to speak of Ocean Reeve, because throughout the challenges entailed in self-publishing, it is he who has helped make this journey one of ongoing over-riding joy for us. From the moment Ocean’s kind initial emails engendered the confidence within us to set sail and keep steering, his ‘personable-ness’ and expertise has been like a lighthouse. And I would hasten to add – a lighthouse with an obstetrician manning it – for I know (through the blessing of hindsight) that if we had tried to paddle our own canoe, it is much less likely that our book would have reached final stages of gestation. My daughter and I have long been supporters of gentle natural birthing in our world, and Ocean is a gifted gentle natural birther in the publishing world.

I have so valued Ocean’s ‘style’ of guidance, which is gentle, clear, and step by step. This has allowed us to fully focus on the particular task at hand at each stage of the process, while not being distracted or overwhelmed by too many of the complexities ahead. I have also valued the absence of any pressure re timing from Ocean, which has allowed this work to unfold and constellate itself naturally, in its own time. This ‘zero pressure’ is like the first part of an equation, the balance of which equals zero stress. With many other ‘happenings’ in life needing time and devotion (including the birth of beautiful children/grandchildren into the world) this absence of pressure and stress regarding publishing endeavours has been a wonderful saving grace, and deeply appreciated.

I’m also thankful to Ocean for his patience with those of us still ‘learning the lingo’ regarding publishing. He may have been tearing his hair out, there in his office – but we would never have known – for every time a dilemma arose, a quick email to Ocean would always be met by a prompt helpful response. Result: where we were stuck, we would be unstuck! (in the positive sense of ‘unstuck’!) And appropriate perhaps to add that I seemed to find myself messaging Ocean the moment dilemmas arose – so sometimes at odd hours, or during a weekend, trusting he would find my message when next at work. Back would come an almost-instantaneous succinct, helpful answer. So akin to the doctor with smartphone ‘always on duty’ image, the ‘obstetrician in lighthouse’ analogy lives! and begs a warm cartoon! (Abounding: gold plaques near door of lighthouse – letters after the name ‘Ocean’ designating degrees and honourary doctorates – in obstetrics, teaching, light-shining, self-publishing, etc. etc. … and also abounding: weather-worn writers on rafts contentedly drifting ashore, ships of illustrators miraculously negotiating huge cmyk’d waves, and weary but happy self-publishers afloat in life-buoys – all following the steady beam Ocean is shining from atop his Lighthouse).

With that image, all that remains is to simply thank Ocean for being who he is; for his kindness, patience and personal warmth; for being inspiring and inspirational; for his teaching ability; for his vast expertise that he shares so readily, clearly, positively and freely; for being a gentle birther; for his Lighthouse. I wish him every best wish for all his future endeavours, and commend him most highly as a consultant to anyone thinking of self-publishing. The world will be richer for your book being born, with its unique viewpoint and insights. So do it! Ocean is here!'

Bette & Bonnie Palm

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