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Addictions - Abuse - Neglect - Teen Pregnancy - Self-Harm - Suicidal Ideation - Self-Destruction - Crime.


René Michele ticks the box to each one of these experiences following countless years of sexual, physical and mental abuse throughout childhood, as a teenager and adulthood. Growing up dreaming of a life without pain, rejection, loneliness, and fear; René's reality was attempted suicides, self-destructive behaviour and violent relationships that made the dream a distant spark never to be attained.


This book tells the story of one woman's remarkable fight out of the darkness into a life filled with success. Resilience - Education - Self-Belief - Altruism - Entrepreneurship - Passionate, took the place of the negativity that surrounded René's world. She has dedicated her life to understanding the WHY's behind the WHAT's and now uses this knowledge and understanding to help others recover with empowerment from similar experiences.


'The internal scars can forever be healed; real peace does exist, and pure, unselfish, sincere love and joy beyond imagination is not a fairy tale. I am living proof!'


Welcome to René's story, - one that will inspire you to stand up and be counted. Your life matters, and within the pages of this book, René's no holds barred voice will change you - into the person you always were - a person with value!

Battle Scars Are Beautiful: From Victim To Victory

  • ISBN: 978-1-925935-05-9

    Size: 152mm x 228mm

    Format: Paperback

    Pages: 338pp

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