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Long before the global #metoo movement, Diane Demetre was dramatically sacked by her producer for apparently being 'too fat' after she refused his sexual advances. She took him to court, and the ensuing court cases for wrongful dismissal became some of the highest-profile cases in Australia in the 1980s.

Dare is a no-holds-barred account of Diane's rise from being born an illegitimate child given up for adoption to fulfilling her dream in the entertainment industry and directing the largest production shows staged in Australia. But when she was terminated, there were no laws to protect her. Now, Diane reveals the unimaginable public humiliation and heartbreak of losing herself, her career, and her destiny.

Follow Diane's thirty-year quest for truth as she discovers that our lives aren't random events over which we have little influence. Calling on her background as an educator, speaker, and successful entrepreneur, Diane uses touchstones in her life to outline fifty insights that expanded her consciousness, connected her to being, and transformed her life.

Join this journey within, Dare to master your destiny, and be more than you ever imagined.


Demetre is a strong, determined, successful woman who has self-actualized more than most. This is evident in this engaging memoir. She is clearly a passionate and experienced writer, her prose sophisticated, her narrative moving. Her spiritual experiences are compelling, unique, and very readable making this book a strong, fascinating addition to the memoir/spiritual journey genre.

-Book Life Review


Diane Demetre is a fiercely vibrant, brilliant, dynamic, and professional leader who has laid her life bare in DARE. Much more than a memoir, DARE is a handbook on life and one that should sit on the self-help shelves of reader's library (sic). Not only is DARE required reading for every woman, it awakened something in me which has made a lasting impact on my life. An extraordinary woman, with extraordinary gifts and an extraordinary story to share.

-Amy Rose Gilltrap


DARE is a very powerful memoir and self-help book all rolled into one. It challenges the reader to confront their personal and professional reality and through the brave showcasing of Diane's own very personal and difficult journey through life, they will be inspired. The author has shown that every obstacle in life can be overcome if you follow your truth.

-Cynthia Dutton


Diane writes from her deep internal well; her journey is both inspiring and nurturing for all of us. The world is a better place for the "Being of Diane" which I am certain all she touches would agree. A must read!

-The Law Lady


DARE is a perfectly balanced book that should take its rightful place among the non-fiction shelves, but especially in the Self-Help section, for here is where its true value lies. I particularly enjoyed the structure of DARE; of how Diane tells her story then writes the life lessons and guidance she received at the end of the chapters. This book is a very humbling and profound gift.

-Elizabeth Townsend


The balance of Diane's personal stories; both painful and joyous, with the wise, hard-earned lessons that she shares is rich in its teaching. There are so many self-help books out on the shelves but this one is a teaching tool, a healing tool and a life-meaning tool. Diane has broken down and rebuilt her life so many times and in DARE she shares her thoughts, wisdom gained, and life lessons, so that we may know we're not alone when bad things happen, and that by changing our thoughts, we change our behaviours without losing who we are and what our innate spirit and purpose on this earth is.

-Robyn Powers


Diane has laid her life and soul bare on every page and exposed the rawness and challenge that i

DARE: The transformational journey of a woman who dared to be more

  • ISBN: 978-1-922644-09-1

    Size: 140mm x 216mm

    Format: Paperback

    Pages: 246pp

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