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The one thing we all have in common is that each of us wants to be happy. Yet for so many of us, happiness is always ‘out there’ somewhere and we spend our whole lives in search of it. Too many of us live a life of reaction, totally engulfed in dealing with all the daily complications that hit us in waves. Passion wanes and life becomes more about survival than thriving. We feel tired and cranky, succumbing to the pressures of daily life. Many perceive themselves as a failure with a future that is uncertain and scary. Everything seems out of our control.

Maybe we sound like we are talking about other people . . . we are not. That was us, two ordinary blokes, until about ten years ago. We had spent our entire working life seeking success personally and in business. On the outside, to most, we had succeeded in both. We had successful businesses and achieved many milestones and accolades. On the inside, though, it was a different story. We struggled to find purpose in our lives. Our businesses felt stuck. We were not happy.

Our lives have been filled with many highs and lows. One low in particular, Greg Gunther thought he’d never recover from. He kept it secret while it devastated him for years. But his journey wasn’t over.

For Troy Parsons, despite his professional success as a Podiatrist, his business owned him and very nearly broke him. From the depths of depression, where he could see no path forward other than to quit and walk away, a chance meeting with Greg Gunther would turn his life and business around in dramatic fashion.

Today we have over forty years’ experience in corporate and small business ownership between us. Through all that, life has provided us with many lessons that we now have the opportunity to share with others. We totally believe that we all have access to happiness in our own lives. It’s the pathway to that happiness that eludes so many of us. That’s why we wrote this book. We invite you as you read, to peer over our shoulders, walk with us as we share our stories, and get inspired as you journey through your own path to success.


Feet First

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