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Modern life and education make many demands that young people sit still and pay attention for long periods, restrain any restlessness, and avoid being distracted. A young person who is not good at such self-restraint runs into many difficulties and this has come to be regarded as a disorder called "Attention Deficit Disorder" or ADD. It is also often called "Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder" or ADHD.

Somewhere between two and six percent of children have ADD or ADHD. Whatever it is called, it causes great hardship for those who have it and for their families. It usually involves behavioural difficulties at home and at school and frequently leads to conflict between children and their parents and teachers.


There is no clear understanding about what causes ADHD. It is known that there is a biological disturbance that contributes to difficulties in paying attention and impulse control. Short attention spans and poor impulse control often lead to learning problems and oppositional behaviour which, in turn, create major difficulties in development for children with ADHD.


Young people with ADHD are at particular risk of educational underachievement, difficulties with authorities, and drug and alcohol problems. Early identification and management of ADHD is important in preventing these problems. Education of the young person and his or her family, counselling, academic help, and medicine all help in management so the child can achieve full potential.


There are many books for parents and teachers but very few for youngsters who have ADHD. This book explains ADHD clearly in simple words and pictures. A child who understands what happens with ADHD is more likely to accept help and use it effectively.

Both the author and illustrator of Full of Beans are consultant psychiatrists.

Full of Beans

  • ISBN: 978-1-922644-91-6

    Size: 216mm x 216mm

    Format: Paperback

    Pages: 46pp

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