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I Am is a children’s book that empowers and inspires children from all walks of life through powerful affirmations. I Am helps children seize the day with the powerful declarations of positive reinforcement to grow their self-belief and esteem. As they read each statement, they strengthen their own character to prepare themselves for whatever life throws at them.


The illustrations of I Am are reflective of everyday people and demonstrate our strength in diversity. The message behind I Am is that we are all remarkable and are the same, despite our differences or where we come from. With each page of with positive messages, culminating with a mirror at the end of the book where the reader sees themselves and can write their own name or message to make it their own. 


I Am will help inspire the next generation for a brighter future and allow our children to fulfill their potential and help them become who they are destined to be.

I Am

SKU: ORP1031
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