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In 1985, ten years after my mother died, her spirit spoke to me. I knew it was her presence immediately but struggled with the implications of having such a contact. 

During counseling sessions, I journeyed into unknown depths of my brain, to past life discoveries. The impact of those past lives took years to decipher…wow! Join me on this enlightening adventure.

A persistent dream allowed me to embrace a holistic health method called Kinesiology with amazing results. Is it possible to heal with alternative methods? Life is full of uncanny possibilities. 

My father’s death gave me a spiritual connection with my parents and more proof of an astounding life after death experience. Are you a skeptic?
During many months of pain in my arm and various treatments not curing the problem, I finally realised a return to a past life may have the tools to heal the arm. Can a past life affect events in this life?

I am blessed with the ability to be able to heal through Intuitive Energy. Spirits connect with me because “I am the Messenger”.

Read all the circumstances of these amazing events and more, to discover experiences you may never have encountered.

I Am The Messenger

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