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We are all only young once and every child deserves, wants or needs a best friend. Even if sometimes it’s furry and barks to say hello.


Let’s fill their bright minds, hearts and imaginations with understanding and unconditional love by empowering your child to discover clever ways to communicate in canine.


Interpreting the all-important furry best friend enhances a bond which will shape both child and puppy for the rest of their lives. An unforgettable friendship that transcends all friendships.


Puppies First Night; Featuring Sparkle De Barkle and her Favourite Furry Friends, is the first in a series of books written and illustrated as an informative guide complete with Doggy Do’s and Doggy Don’ts to assist your child to better understand the importance of raising a puppy within the family unit.

Puppies First Night featuring Sparkle de Barkle

SKU: ORP1032
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