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‘Sophia and the Spirits’ is a book that teaches children about the different types of spirits
that are around us all the time. It helps kids to be able to tell the difference between the
good spirits and the not so good spirits. Through Sophia, you can learn the tools needed if
there is a not so good spirit around, and to be able to move them on. This can be very
Sophia’s story helps kids who can see and communicate with spirits know that they are
not going crazy, they’re not alone, and that there are many people like them. It can also
help the parents of these kids to gain a better understanding of what their child is going
through and how to assist them on their journey.
Sophia and the Spirits is a fun way to teach our kids about the different realities that are
all around us and can be used as a resource book when dealing with children who have
the ability to see and communicate with these spirits.

Sophia and the Spirits

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