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Three things I know are certain in my life
Firstly, I am a cursed Halfling – part faerie, part human.
Another thing I know is I hate faeries. They are deceitful, evil and conniving.
The third thing I know – and it is a certainty – Nothing is guaranteed in this life including your sanity, your family and your world as you know it.

Twin faerie princes, torn apart by jealousy and envy, embark on a journey to bring their halfling sister back to the realm of Grandelione.

Eamon’s bitter hatred has escalated to pure evil threatening to destroy the kingdom and its occupancy. He purposes to open the portal gates to their hidden world and wage a war to win his birthright back resulting in him becoming king.

Caelian battles to bring peace and harmony back to Grandelione. After his father honors, him as King- designate over Eamon, the first-born twin, he is forced to oppose his brother.

Eliana, their Halfling sister, is cursed with a darkness. She is drawn to Eamon’s dark magic because of an ancient evil curse her mother passed on to her. Her evil draws its power from pure demoncy.

Eliana finds herself on a quest; jam-packed with danger, new friendships and old enemies, to save a world she longed to remain apart from.

When learning a harrowing family secret at her Fathers castle - will she choose evil over good? Can she learn to harness her magic and help bring peace back to Grandelione and her family? Or will the darkness within consume her first?


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