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"I don’t care about our daughter.” Words that echoed in my head; words I could not accept as possible; that nearly drove me to the grave.


Trevor Cooper shares his deeply personal and gripping story of parental alienation. The story of the uncontrolled chaos when a family is propelled into the “pinball machine” that is the family separation industry. Where ideology and profits spin the score to dizzy levels and the family, one by one, falls down the ball-return shoot unsure on if they will reappear.


Be drawn into the absurd and aggressive tactics used by lawyers that flip their clients to keep the game going to reach the highest score. Witness the Police bumping people aimlessly into and around the game, joined by a cast of crazies recruited to intimidate and create chaos in what seems incredulous. Behold the judges, seemingly disgusted with the appalling behaviour, unable or unwilling to curb it and simply let the game continue.


A story you would expect as an international crime thriller, this is also a story of hope as the father proceeds to extend his hand to help others as they pass through their own hellish pinball machines to see the future and live for their children. 


With real-life accounts, The Pinball Wizard exposes the incentives built into the system that allow it to rack up huge scores at the children’s expense. It sheds light on important policy considerations for governments if they truly care about their constituents and the future generation.

The Pinball Machine

AU$32.95 Regular Price
AU$26.95Sale Price
  • ISBN: 978-1-925935-18-9

    Size: 152mm x 228mm

    Format: Paperback

    Pages: 422pp

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