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Winner - Indie Reader's Discovery Awards 2022 - Fantasy Category


Legendary battles, Nordic mythology, romance, mystery and intrigue.Circa 926 A.D: The English King Athelstan gifts a jewelled sword to the Norwegian King Harald Fairhair and sets in place a series of events that shape the future of Norway.The sword is believed to carry a curse and affects the lives of all that come into its possession. A wayward monk and beautiful Asturian woman, are enslaved by Vikings and crave an escape to their homeland.Wilhelm, a Christian soldier of fortune and protector of the jarl, clings to his faith, surrounded by worship of the Norse Gods. Rota the psychic daughter of a sorceress roams the forest, half-crazed with disturbing visions of the future. But what is the secret from her past? Who is she protecting and why? Ragnarr, the Viking Jarl of Hordaland, reveres the jewelled sword and plans to take it with him on the emigration to the new land: The Lake District of England.

Storytelling that defies the creative limitations of any set genre.   ~Neil Czeszejko for IndieReader

David Thomas Kay is a masterful storyteller. His prose is illustrative, allowing for the formation of dense landscapes and layered intrigue and retains a flow that both enthralls and delights. What results from his depiction of tenth-century Norway is THE SWORD OF SAINT ISIDORES, a tale that reads very much like a legend; humorous, horrifying, and mystical in equal measures.
In THE SWORD OF SAINT ISIDORES-a sprawling saga of Norse kings, jarls, and warriors, linked and menaced by the same exquisite, cursed sword-David Thomas Kay proves that an impassioned imagination and an expertly wielded pen produce storytelling that defies the creative limitations of any set genre.
~Neil Czeszejko for IndieReader

The Sword of Saint Isidores: Circles of Time Book I

AU$24.95 Regular Price
AU$19.95Sale Price
  • ISBN: 978-1-922532-66-4

    Size: 152mm x 228mm

    Format: Paperback

    Pages: 508pp

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