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‘Self-Publishing Success; The Word’ does what no other book on self-publishing has done. It breaks down the most necessary and essential stages in publishing for all to know and access. The recurring theme is the author comes first. In ‘Self-Publishing Success; The Word’, Ocean offers developmental tools to assist in planning to write fiction and non-fiction as well as the writing process itself. He breaks down the various methods of editing and design, looks at the options with printing and eBooks, and provides a proven staged marketing method to succeed with your promotional and marketing goals, including the tools and mindset needed to get there. With realistic goals and targets, and the means to reach them, Ocean has spelt out in a determined and defined way ‘self-publishing success’ for all to achieve. Begin your self-publishing journey the right way with ‘Self-Publishing Success; The Word – defined, dedicated, determined’

THE WORD; Self-Publishing Success

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