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This book is about freedom and the right to have an opinion. A concept that has been fought over for centuries. Whilst we think of Australia as being a free society, You Can't Say That! challenges this notion, arguing that the freedoms all Australians once enjoyed have been systematically eroded over last few decades, and how, as a nation, we must fight to get them back.


Let this book guide you to a place where you ask:

  • Who are my masters?
  • How much do I desire to fit into the current trend of "progressive" thought and "woke" ideas which are fast becoming societal norms?
  • How far am I willing to go to accept the current trends of collectivism, conformity, hypocrisy and cancel culture?


The Purpose of You Can't Say That! is to encourage discussion and debate in the current stifling politically correct environment, as well as providing a platform for those fighting to gain back their basic rights for freedom of speech.


If you are tired of the opinions of elitist bullies telling you what you must say and think, taking over all debates in the mainstream media and within our institutions, then you can read this book and feel empowered that you in fact CAN say that.

You Can't Say That!: The demise of free thought in Australia

  • ISBN: 978-1-922644-61-9

    Size: 152mm x 228mm

    Format: Paperback

    Pages: 314pp

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