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Building the ‘know’, ‘like’, ‘trust’ factor - online

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have enabled us to take content that used to be delivered through text and imagery and made it so we can build more tangible emotional responses from our following. People are more engaged in video and live content than ever before. The ease of message delivery through this medium allows us to build the ‘know’, ‘like’, ‘trust’ factor much easier and quicker than ever before.

Ocean Reeve Publishing = know, like and trust

The feeling of connection is established especially if we personalise our messages and ensure we are consistent, and it will help our audience get to know us. Our audience can quickly make an assessment on if they like us based on how and what we say. The trust is established by the offerings we make, not just in product but in information. To receive we must give – this has always been the most effective way to build trust in new connections.

In 2017, mobile engagement through phones and tablets surpassed desktop engagement for the first time ever– mainly thanks to social media and video content. So don’t forget that your digital presence needs to look fantastic on mobile devices as well as desktops, but even more important is that through live posts, seminars and webinars we now have the ability to form and build an audience of value with far greater ease.

Confidence is the key here along with the belief that what you have to share is of significance. As an author, a creative, you have that worth and your message will often reach and impact those we least expect.

I recommend building a series of live Facebook or Instagram videos that are about 2-3 minutes long at the most offering those pearls of wisdom in a way that will further establish your ‘know’, ‘like’, ‘trust’ factor.

Remember to take ACTION, exercise BELIEF in your creative vision and show COMMITMENT to the success of that vision. #becreative #beinspired #bepublished

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