Book Distribution

Distributing your books can be challenging. That is why we have an expanded distribution method that aims to further heighten the awareness of your publication. So let's start by exploring what book distribution actually is.


Book distribution can be confusing. As a definition, the process of publishing is “to issue (printed, reproduced, textual or graphic material, etc.) for sale or distribution to the public.” In this case, it involves the process of Ocean Reeve Publishing (ORP) listing your title in our catalogue and online bookstore. We then submit the catalogue to all library suppliers, libraries and bookstores throughout Australia and New Zealand. As of 2019, this will be a quarterly process to allow us to capitalise on new releases.


Furthermore, we then ensure accurate listings of your title are made on Thorpe Bowker, Nielsen's Book Data, and Title Sheets. These online databases are regularly accessed by bookstores. We will be listing your title on mainstream online selling channels, including eBay, Gumtree, etc, and on various international online bookstores along with managing your online print-on-demand listing in which we invest funds to promote to the international mainstream booksellers. 


We reconcile our orders every six months and once we collect our 15% of the retail price, author royalties are then paid out to you. ORP stores stock of your book at no charge and we only collect our 15% on the books WE sell. Anything you sell is all yours. Too good!


In addition to this service, we also offer drop-shipping. This is where you are receiving orders directly (through your website or other channels) and you choose not to worry about posting and packaging the book and heading to the post office to send away. We understand how that can be tedious and frankly, your time is not best-spent packaging and posting orders. Therefore you can forward the order information to us, we fulfill the order from the stock you have supplied us with and keep a running total of quantity sent through this method. We then invoice you every three months for the 15% of the retail price and the postage costs, which you would have already collected from your customer.


So this all sounds great, doesn't it? Sure does. But there is one catch. We only distribute ORP titles. In other words, they need to have been through our publishing process to activate this option. We do have exceptions if the book can be reviewed and identified as professionally edited, designed and printed, however, the actual title registration (ISBN, Barcode, Cataloguing Data, Legal Deposits) still needs to be through ORP.


So what next? Below is a video explaining drop shipping in more detail and if you are interested in activating our distribution network for your book, complete the form below and we will be in touch.

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Book Publishing in Australia