Distributing your books can be challenging. That is why we have an expanded distribution method that aims to further heighten the awareness of your publication. So, let's start by exploring what book distribution actually is.


Book distribution can be confusing. As a definition, the process of distribution is “to issue (printed, reproduced, textual or graphic material, etc.) for sale or distribution to the public.” In this case, it involves the process of Ocean Reeve Publishing (ORP) listing your title in our catalogue and online bookstore. We then submit the catalogue to all library suppliers, libraries and bookstores throughout Australia and New Zealand. 


Furthermore, we then ensure accurate listings of your title are made on Thorpe Bowker, Nielsen's Book Data, and Title Sheets. These online databases are regularly accessed by bookstores and library suppliers. We will be listing your title on mainstream online selling channels, including Amazon, Booktopia, and on various other international online bookstores along with managing your online print-on-demand listing in which we invest funds to promote to the international mainstream booksellers. 


From 2022, we reconcile our orders every 12 months and once we collect our 15% of the retail price, author royalties are then paid out to you. Remember, we only collect our 15% on the books WE sell. Anything you sell is all yours. Too good!



Listing Your Title In Our ORP Quarterly Catalog and Website

Listing your title in our ORP quarterly catalog which is both emailed to every library in Australia and Australian library supplier. It is also sent to all the independent bookstores in Australia. In addition, a marketing campaign is then initiated over the course of that quarter, specifically to the library market, focusing on the latest releases. In addition, your book is made available at the Ocean Reeve Publishing Bookstore.


Listing Your Title On Industry Related Databases

We list your title on Thorpe BowkerNielsen’s Book Data, and Title Sheets, to ensure the latest information is reflected and available for the book selling industry to access.


Listing Your Title To Online Selling Channels

We list your title on the following online selling channels – Booktopia, Fishpond, The Nile, University Co-op Bookstore, Australian War Memorial, Koorong Bookstores, Tafe Bookstore, Amazon US and UK, Barnes & Noble, Chapters Indigo, Waterstones, Paperback Shop, Bertrams, Blackwell, Book Depository, Eden Interactive, Coutts Information Services, Paperback Shop Ltd, Superbookdeals, Gardners, The Book Community Ltd along with our titles being made readily available and accessible to all independent bookstores in Australia, US, and the UK.


Listing Your Title To Genre Relevant Advance Catalogs

We submit your title to a genre relevant Advance Catalog that specifically targets libraries and independent bookstores in the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada.


Books Sold By The Author

Any books sold by the author directly, ORP does not collect any royalty or commission from. These are 100% the authors.


Books Sold Through The ORP Website

Any books sold to the general public through the Ocean Reeve Publishing Bookstore, ORP collects 15% of the retail price and the balance goes to the author.

Books Sold By ORP To Australian Bookshops and Libraries

Any books sold to the Australian bookseller or library market, 45% discount is given to the buyers and ORP collects 15% of the retail price and the balance goes to the author. (NOTE: All book sales are FIRM sales. We do not offer consignment.)

Books Sold By ORP Through The Online Selling Channels

Any books sold through any of the international online selling channels, 45% discount is given to the buyers and ORP collects 15% of the retail price, the cost of the print-on-demand is deducted and the balance goes to the author. (NOTE: All book sales are FIRM sales. We do not offer consignment.)


To be suitable for the ORP (Ocean Reeve Publishing) Book Distribution Network we need to ensure the publication is of an industry standard. Simply put, to ensure we are comfortable to add our brand and actively promote your book we need to ensure the editorial, design and production of the book meets the highest possible standard. This is identified through four parts of the publishing process.

  1. Your manuscript needs to be issued with an ISBN (International Standard Book Number). To be suitable for our distribution network, it needs to be allocated with one of our registered ISBNs.

  2. If your title has been through at least one of our editing services to ensure that there are no major errors.

  3. Once the typesetting and cover design has been produced and approved through our design team, we can ensure that the final stage of distribution approval can happen.

  4. The actual production of the book is the final stage to ensure your book can be entered into our distribution network. Not all printers are specialists in book production however if your books are produced through Ocean Reeve Publishing, we can automatically approve submission approval.

In conclusion, if your manuscript goes through our full publishing process and you have selected this option, once the $595 set-up cost is paid, it is automatically accepted as of industry standard into our Book Distribution Network.