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'We all have an inherent desire to express ourselves creatively.

Through writing and publishing we establish our message - our stories - our legacy!' 

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Ocean is committed to facilitating the creative process in all who are willing to express themselves and establish their footprint. Ocean operates a defined, dedicated and determined process to bring a book to life and build a sustainable future as an authority in your space, change agent or simply for creative expression.


His 25+ year career in the creative arts has been one he has great respect and gratitude for. Following four years in Film & Television in New Zealand, Ocean spent a year in entertainment promotion before beginning his publishing journey. Starting as a digital production manager for an educational publisher, Ocean was soon promoted into a sales role which quickly developed into sales manager for both the educational and traditional arm of the company.


As the internet took its grip over the creative arts industries, Ocean was integral in the development and management of New Zealand's premier self-publishing house, PublishMe. Over the next six years, Ocean held the position as lead client manager for PublishMe, spent six months as a radio show host, successfully completed a Diploma in Creative Writing, became a qualified Workflow Trainer and was nominated - and won - two national awards for service to authors. Ocean then departed New Zealand to expand his creative reach into Australia.


Ocean played a major role in the birth of an independent publishing house in Queensland before capturing the essence of his own creativity and launching, in 2016, an assisted independent publishing house that wears his name - Ocean Reeve Publishing (ORP). He has successfully established a fruitful book marketing mentorship program where independent authors not only achieve their vision of bringing a book to life, but also generate tangible and profitable results.

Ocean has spoken at over 150 seminars and conferences and is regularly booked to speak about publishing, creative expression and leadership, workflow and sales, and inspires with his popular keynote From Adoption to Awesome - One Man's Journey To Liberation. He believes that success is a journey, not a destination and that to find our greatness we need to discover our purpose. Trained in Workflow Management, Ocean also offers a ground-breaking system that can increase sales by over 60%, and improve productivity and staff engagement within any industry and corporation. 

In 2020, COVID hit! Whilst all of us adjusted to the new normal, lockdowns and more, Ocean purchased a printing company in Brisbane. Ocean Reeve Publishing were nominated and successful in receiving multiple awards in 2021 which sent the business into overdrive. In early 2022 the decision was made to move the entire publishing team into the flexible working environment. Excited to me working from his new location in the Gold Coast, Ocean has reinvigorated his personal service by continuing to build trusted and personalised relationships with new and established authors.

Ocean is a master at finding people’s creative passion and driving that passion to create life changing goals and results both personally and professionally. He believes and has proven how creative expression applies in the 'meditate don't medicate' philosophy of mental health. Endorsed by workplace psychologists, Ocean's process in inspiring creativity has had profound effects in many of his 6500+ authors in which he has shared in the establishment of their creative legacy.


Some of the noted authors Ocean has had the pleasure of working with include Emmy and Golden Globe Winning Actor William Shatner, Emmy Award Winning Musician Toni Childs, Best-Selling Author Lindy Chamberlin, Google's #1 Activational Speaker Eric Bailey, Workplace Psychologist Dr Pete Stebbins, Ray White CEO Carey Smith, Best-Selling Author and Medium Jeanette Wilson, Best-Selling Author and Wealth Success Coach Andrew Barsa and Radio DJ and former Channel 7 Newsreader Liam Renton.


Have you ever said that you would like to write a book then moments later dismissed the idea? Have you ever felt the desire to pick up a pen and write your story but never picked up the pen? Have you ever wanted to express yourself creatively only to say that you’re not creative?  Maybe you said ‘who wants to read my story?’, ‘what have I got to offer?’, or ‘where do I start?’ and then just left it alone. Distractions, excuses, confusion, uncertainty, and negativity - these are all potential hurdles in that burning desire to write and offer something to the world of substance. Inspire Your Fire  doesn’t just remove the hurdles. This book burns them to the ground. It will allow your creativity and innovation to come to the surface. Make the stand today to begin producing your best work, achieving excellence, and making a meaningful contribution to the world through creative expression!


In 2017, High Performance Team’s specialist, Dr Pete Stebbins, with assistance from Alistair Kerr and Ocean Reeve, has introduced a ground-breaking publication that embraces trust, accountability, innovation and collaboration within the workplace to show how the integration of effective change can be welcomed, implemented and positively effect the overall performance of the individuals and the team at work.

Previously to the release of Change; The Fast-track to Sustainable Culture Change, there has been no single answer for developing a company culture that drives the desired performance we aim for. A company, business or organisations unique history, goals, values, and ways of working determine what culture exists and often the need for change is met with resistance and fear.


Published in 2014, ‘Self-Publishing Success; The Word’ does what no other book on self-publishing has done. It breaks down the most necessary and essential stages in publishing for all to know and access. The recurring theme is the author comes first. In ‘Self-Publishing Success; The Word’, Ocean offers developmental tools to assist in planning to write fiction and non-fiction as well as the writing process itself. He breaks down the various methods of editing and design, looks at the options with printing and eBooks, and provides a proven staged marketing method to succeed with your promotional and marketing goals, including the tools and mindset needed to get there. With realistic goals and targets, and the means to reach them, Ocean has spelt out in a determined and defined way ‘self-publishing success’ for all to achieve. Begin your self-publishing journey the right way with ‘Self-Publishing Success; The Word – defined, dedicated, determined’


Oceans Books

Ocean is an experienced international speaker and trainer and has presented at over 150 seminars and conferences over the last 11 years. His onstage energy is infectious, weaving the at-times shocking true story of his shadowy gang history into the survival strategies he needed to create an inspired life. As a keynote speaker he is utterly unique; interspersing anecdotes from his awe-inspiring creative journey with practical and tangible advice that leave the audience captivated. Ocean's path from adopted and bullied child to Award-Winning publishing manager to international speaker and author coach is compelling, authentic and inspirational. Ocean has a passionate commitment to ensure we all live creatively from parents & educators, to millennial's & baby boomers, to leaders & CEO's. 

Feel free to review Ocean's SHOW REEL and his speaking topics below.

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Adoption to Awesome - One Man's Journey To Liberation

Ocean personal story through understanding the abandonment with his adoption, extreme and violent bullying, leading to a world of gang mentality and crime then into a world where he excels as a Creative Leader is awe-inspiring. His 'no excuses' philosophy inspires the superhero within us all to step up and step out.


The Power of Creative Expression

Ocean draws on 20 years in the creative industries, including Film & Television, Radio, Nightclub Promotion and Book Publishing in this informative presentation. He highlights how creative expression is the innovative game-changer in our personal and professional journeys. Identifying the critical need to stay creative in all we do, Ocean inspires attendees to stay true to your vision


Workflow - Strategic Sales and Process Management

Ocean has successfully developed a sales process that produces a 60% increase in 'lead to sale' conversions. Using simple, yet very effective, 6-stage CRM process, Ocean will identify the process your team needs to incorporate in their sales strategy to generate higher results and healthier engagement in and out of the office environment. 



Ocean's extremely popular seminar on the publishing industry, process and promotion is always captivating and booked out weeks in advance. Staying current with the industries latest trends, Ocean walks the potential creative through the often scary journey to bring a book to life. From 9 - 99, this presentation inspires all to #becreative #beinspired #bepublished


Creative Leadership in a Disruptive Space

Ocean has presented this seminar to BNIs, Chamber of Commerce’s and businesses looking to introduce change management and a healthier corporate culture. This presentation outlines the differences between the two primary leadership styles,identifying the pros and cons of both and what skills need to be adapted to ensure the best results are achieved by staff and you as a manager.

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