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Have you ever said that you would like to write a book then moments later dismissed the idea?

Have you ever felt the desire to pick up a pen and write your story but never picked up the pen?

Have you ever wanted to express yourself creatively only to say that you’re not creative?


Maybe you said ‘who wants to read my story?’, ‘what have I got to offer?’, or ‘where do I start?’ and then just left it alone. Distractions, excuses, confusion, uncertainty, and negativity - these are all potential hurdles in that burning desire to write and offer something to the world of substance.


Inspire Your Fire doesn’t just remove the hurdles. This book burns them to the ground.


Split into three distinct sections, part one of Inspire Your Fire will help you establish your inspirational purpose, show you how to develop that creative idea, and establish a motivated model of success to achieve the end goal. Part two offers a practical and easy-to-understand process in planning and writing your manuscript and then educates you on the process of publishing. Part three you will learn how to set the right mindset, targets and platform to launch your book with confidence and maintain the momentum in book marketing.


This comprehensive book from Australasia’s #1 Author Success Coach Ocean Reeve, draws on over 20 years in the creative industries where he assisted over 3500 people in successfully establishing their legacy.


Inspire Your Fire and allow your creativity and innovation to come to the surface. Make the stand today to begin producing your best work, achieving excellence, and making a meaningful contribution to the world through creative expression!


Everyone has a story of value!

Everyone has a story that matters!

Everyone has a legacy! What’s yours?

Inspire Your Fire; Creative Innovation through Authorship

SKU: ORP1038
AU$29.95 Regular Price
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  • ISBN: 978-1-925680-56-4

    Size: 152mm x 228mm

    Format: Paperback

    Pages: 252pp

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