Publishing a book is an amazing and very satisfying experience. Whether you are bringing a book to life for personal or professional reasons, it will stand the test of time and become a large component of your legacy. Being one of Australia's top independent and self-published book publishers, we pride ourselves in providing quality trade standard books.

This is why we offer tailored and creative book publishing and marketing services to our authors. We understand the value in creative expression and the vulnerability authors feel heading into space where they may be unfamiliar. 


The relationship between you (the author) and your publishing team needs to be one of respect, care, and focus. Self-publishing in Australia has become a minefield and we offer a solution. It is called Assisted Independent Publishing. Creative book publishing in Australia and New Zealand has never been so easy and transparent.


Watch the video to understand the differences between assisted indie, traditional, and self-publishing and to review our services. We find that when authors see the offerings within Assisted Independent Publishing, they tend to dismiss self-publishing and even traditional quite quickly.



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Book Publishing Queensland - Ocean Reeve Publishing
Book Publishing Australia - Ocean Reeve Publishing
Book Publishing Australia - Ocean Reeve Publishing
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Ocean Reeve Publishing is the leading independent book publisher in Australia. Based out of Brisbane and the Gold Coast in Queensland, we proudly hold the #1 spot in Google Reviews for the most 5-Star Reviews in the country. However, we also service authors in their creative book publishing journey throughout the world. Along with a comprehensive book publishing service, we also offer marketing modules to support your book publishing in Australia, New Zealand or Internationally including a tailored Book Marketing Mentorship program that increases the profile of your book and you as the author.


We also offer writing mentorships, editorial and design services, digital and offset print, audiobook production and distribution, and eBook development for your book publishing journey. If you do choose to examine self-publishing, authors have the option to select whatever services most suits their needs and their book.


For all of our authors, we also provide a distribution channel where your book is promoted to libraries and bookstores, along with several global online channels. In some cases, we also pitch our author's books to international literary agents and publishers where we feel that the book will have international appeal for translation or international publishing deals. 


So what are you waiting for? Begin your journey into book publishing in Australia, New Zealand, and the world with Australia's leading assisted independent book publishing company, Ocean Reeve Publishing.


Ocean Reeve Publishing provides independent and creative book publishing services in  Australia, New Zealand, and the world. We have ensured we have the best people - the most creative - the most professional - managing your creative journey and book publishing and marketing vision. After all, your book is a legacy and the emotion attached to it needs to be valued and a duty of care exercised. We ensure your creative journey is smooth, enjoyable and that you end with a quality, trade standard publication to be proud of.


We pride ourselves in only using professionally trained and qualified manuscript appraisers and editors. It is not enough to settle for a teacher, a journalist or someone who is great at English. In self-publishing, there is no guarantee that the editors and proofreaders working on your manuscript have the necessary qualifications. The eyes that travel through your creative works to be published with us are highly skilled and ready to bring the best out of your work. 


The same applies to our cover design and book formatting team. All of which have been trained extensively in the use of Adobe InDesign and Photoshop which are expected programs utilised in the book publishing industry. Unlike self-publishing where often authors download templates or even have a go at the design of their book themselves, we ensure that the look and feel of your book meet industry standards, while your cover still has a unique and creative design so your book can stand out amongst the many.

Our book printers used in the production of your published works are specialist book printers - not just a printer or a broker. Our eBook developers, website creators, sound engineers and video production team are all highly trained and qualified individuals that take immense pride in what they do to ensure that all involved are ecstatic with their published book, audiobook, eBook and more.

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