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Literary Agent Services


2018 was a big year for Ocean Reeve Publishing (ORP). Along with securing our first international translation and rights agreement for an ORP title, our CEO, Ocean Reeve visited certain countries in Asia to further explore the possibility of gaining interest from international agents/publishers in other ORP titles. The idea was to create relationships which could then lead towards an international publishing contract.


Primarily the focus was on a children's book series which was quickly established with strong interest shown in both Singapore and South Korea. This then left the door open to explore the rest of the ORP catalogue which drew fantastic results and in the following meetings held in the various countries visited, there was considerable interest in over twenty of our titles.


This has prompted us to now offer the service of literary agents to our repertoire for our authors. Our author/agent agreement is a little different from most literary agent contracts as this is not our core business and we have had to adjust our workflow to allow for the diligence it deserves. We are now planning our approaches to attend international book fairs to further build the interest of our titles in overseas markets. A very exciting time for independent authors and for us as a creative community.

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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding this service;


So what does a literary agent do?

A literary agent represents writers and their works primarily to publishers, and assists in the sale and negotiation of the contract.


Why should I need a literary agent?
We are big believers that in the territory you are publishing, where you are present to market and promote, the rights should remain in the hands of the author. However, outside of that territory, you may never have an opportunity to promote your book in the same way. Therefore having an agent represent your work in this space opens up greater opportunities for your book on a global stage. Plus, what great marketing leverage it would be to say your book has been picked up by a traditional publisher overseas!


Can Ocean Reeve Publishing represent me and my work?

We do have certain parameters that we have decided to work within for this service. First and foremost, you need to be an ORP author. This is constituted by your title registration - it must be made through us. Furthermore, your local version of the publication needs to have been through the ORP publishing process (editing, design, formatting) so we can ensure quality industry standards have been adhered to. Finally, you need to have activated your book through our distribution channel which includes entry into our catalogue, online bookstore, and print-on-demand account.


Are there any exceptions to this?

Yes, if the book has been professionally edited and formatted, and the cover design meets with industry standards, then we may decide to accept your title and represent it. However, title registration and distribution activation through ORP are still required.


Does it cost to action this?

Yes, there is a small activation fee which covers a small portion of our time in representing your title. As mentioned above, our agreement is a little different from most literary agent contracts as this is not our core business and we have had to adjust our workflow to allow for the diligence it deserves. Fees will vary depending on what you are wanting. For example, we can represent you to sub-agents and publishers in one territory (eg. South Korea) for an activation fee of $150AUD; two territories (eg. South Korea and India) for an activation fee of $250AUD; or to unlimited territories for $350AUD. (fees are subject to change at our discretion)


How long does the agreement last?

1 calendar year with the option to renew.


What accountability do you have to me?

Every month we report on the progress of submissions and negotiations if applicable. This report is issued within seven days from the end of each month. If a contract to have the book published has been successfully negotiated, we will promptly send any important communication through to you. Also if successful in establishing a contract, in January of each year, we provide you with an annual statement showing all Author’s Payments and Agent’s Commissions.


What do you mean by 'Agent's Commissions'?

From successfully negotiated contracts, most publishers will make an Advanced Payment to the author. This fee varies from publisher to publisher and from territory to territory but usually resides between $1500 - $2500AUD. As your agent, we collect a commission of 20% (if negotiated directly with a publisher) or 25% (if negotiated through a sub-agent). Also in the royalty payments from book sales made by the publisher, the same percentages apply as part of the Agent's Commission. The remaining balance is the Author Payment which is made within five business days from clearing our account.


What guarantees do you offer that your submissions will be successful?

There is no guarantee we will achieve a successful contract as we do not control what every publishing house chooses to bring to life through their company. In saying that, your chances of success are far greater through ORP, as we know you, we know your book, and we have been through professional processes to ensure your book is of industry standards. This is of great benefit to overseas agents/publishers as it minimizes the work they need to put it.


What do I need to provide to action this?

As an ORP author, we have access to your files which we will secure and watermark for any interested parties. However, we do need your Media Kit. It is helpful for us to show potential agents/publishers who you are and what you have achieved as an author. If you do not have one, no problem as we can provide that service.


How do I take the next step in having ORP become my literary agent?

Simple. Below is a form that you need to complete and submit. This will go directly to our CEO, Ocean, who will then be in contact to discuss the finer points and begin this journey to further expose your creativity to the world. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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