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Desperate to find reliable employment during the 1970s, author Grahame Marwood impulsively joined the Queensland Police Force. Within nine months of being sworn in, he rejects the noble offer to join the CIB, citing his desire to be transferred to 'the bush' in order to toughen up and see what it was like on the other side-a request readily granted. The city-slicker constable didn't understand what he was taking his family into, and neither will you.  


An in-depth, truly enlightening account as to the reality of living as a police officer in two extremely remote outback Queensland locations. Join the journey on which many unimaginable events occur and see how they were addressed and, in some cases, why certain actions were considered. Also meet the people, of the time, who made up the outback, including one of Australia's last great Aboriginal trackers.


Grahame Marwood was a Queensland police officer for in excess of twenty-six years, attaining the rank of senior sergeant, and is the recipient of several police service medals and awards. Grahame now lives on Queensland's Gold Coast with his wife, Kyra. His sons, Karl and Matt, together with their families, reside nearby.


Think policing in 'the outback' during the 1970s would be 'a walk in the park'? You're about to receive a reality check.

Like It or Lump It: This is the Way It Was

  • ISBN: 978-1-922956-58-3

    Size: 152mm x 228mm

    Format: Paperback

    Pages: 382pp

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