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Max held the diary out in front of him. He could feel a powerful vibrating energy coming from it. Images of numbers appeared in his mind; then, suddenly, the diary shook. Zac's eyes bulged in shock at what he was witnessing.

'What the-Max, you're levitating.'

... What they saw next turned their mind into overdrive ...


Max MacNeil's life is turned upside-down when he discovers that his mother has been keeping secrets from him. Furthermore, he learns that he has inherited a powerful magical gift.


But with this power comes great responsibility and the need to find courage, as he is faced with illusions of his reality. Time is against Max, and together with his friends, they embark on a dangerous mission into the ancient past of a secret magical world to fulfill an extraordinary quest that will change the fate of humanity.

Max MacNeil & the Secrets of the Amulet

  • ISBN: 978-1-922956-20-0

    Size: 152mm x 228mm

    Format: Paperback

    Pages: 258pp

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