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Mouse remains a damaged young girl, living in The Deep.

She created me (Jade), Peter, Neil, Jane, Zen, Nancy, Ray, Lucy, and Anne.

That’s what people with Dissociative Identity Disorder do.


Following on from the events of Book 1, Alternatives to a Frozen Mouse, this book is the second part of our journey integrating Anne into her new life.


Anne needs to connect with the final four alters before she can carry out her plan. To remove the remaining barriers, we must work together to unearth Mouse’s early memories, which are fractured and hidden among the ‘us’.


But when we are met face to face with more monsters wearing people suits, dark secrets are remembered, truths are brought back into the light, and forgotten nightmares are relived. Worst of all, we are shown how fallible we are. I guess that makes us human after all.


DID is not just our disorder and our reason for being separate, but also what allowed us to survive. Scattered and united, imperfectly perfect, just the way we are. But now we know how and why our DID developed, we are ready to carry out Anne’s plan for retribution.


This book is dedicated to our original personality, our Frozen Mouse – the author of us all.

Parts, Pieces and Aspects of a Frozen Mouse

  • ISBN: 978-1-925833-45-4

    Size: 152mm x 228mm

    Format: Paperback

    Pages: 304pp

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