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Bill Ash, author of the Five-Star rated Redesigning Conversations: A Guide to Communicating Effectively in the Family, Workplace, and Society, offers a stand-alone Workbook that sets out:

  • skills, and
  • self-coaching questions, exercises, and case studies relating to those skills,

to help readers have effective conversations in their family, workplace, and society¾with a focus on parents, leaders, teachers, and coaches.

The skills, self-coaching questions, and exercises are drawn principally from Ontological coaching. They will:

  • Develop your resilience, conflict management, curiosity, self-awareness, vulnerability, respect, empathy, and trust.
  • Enable you to model and discuss the skills with your loved ones, colleagues, students, and clients. 

While the emphasis is on self-coaching, the questions, exercises, and case studies are suitable for use in coaching others, facilitating workshops, and, more generally, in conversations with your family and colleagues. 

Redesigning Conversations Workbook

  • ISBN: 978-1-922956-73-6

    Size: 189mm x 246mm

    Format: Paperback

    Pages: 266pp

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