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Imagine a world where anyone willing to take the plunge into property investing can easily find genuine guidance, without the fear of hidden agendas, wasting time, or ending up with a poor property investment.

This book will give you a clear understanding on how to find the highest-performing properties in the market today. You'll learn:

  • Why property selection is so critical to your financial future;
  • Why we believe that 95% of properties are not 'investment-grade'; 
  • How to avoid unnecessary commissions;
  • How to begin your portfolio for maximum cash flow benefit whilst not sacrificing any growth potential;
  • How to decide on which city and suburb to buy in;
  • How to select the right property in that suburb;
  • How to save tens of thousands on every property purchase;
  • Peace-of-mind over your property and mortgage;
  • How to reach financial freedom many years sooner, and;
  • The unfair advantage that a great buyer's agent brings to the table.

Shortcut to Freedom

  • ISBN: 978-1-923061-17-0

    Size: 127mm x 203mm

    Format: Paperback

    Pages: 170pp

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