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The C.U.R.E for Life: Biblical Foundations is not only the foundation but also the flagship and the final book of this trilogy. It provides a pictorial commentary on every book of the Bible from a Counsellor's perspective. It is an opportunity to drill down into the bedrock of the Scriptures from which The Christain Wholeness Framework arose. This CWF, being a simple and easy picture language will give you a visual of the Bible. With about 500 diagrams of the simple five Steps and five Shapes, you are invited to picture and to frame the themes of the Scriptures of wholistic God-centred Transformation. Through the story of the Bible, right from the beginning of the Old Testament through each book of the Bible and reaching to the end of the New Testament, you will find a roadmap of the consistent theme throughout the Scriptures on how this transformation actually occurs.


In the context of the biblical narrative, this book tracks the great doctrines of God, sin, salvation, and the church in ways which can be easily understood and transferred to others. Yes, this book gives you a way of inviting others to see the core of the Gospel, the fullness of salvation, and of our journey to grow to become more like Jesus.


You will get so much more from this book if you have already read the first two books of the trilogy. the C.U.R.E for life, Part One: God-Centred Transformation and the C.U.R.E for Life, Part Two: God Centred Relationships. You will be richer if you can walk this journey with even one other person, or better still, with your small group from church.

The C.U.R.E. for Life; Part Three

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