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The CURE for Life: Part Two is the second book in The CURE for Life series. This book in your hand now turns to assist you to explore the intriguing depth breadth and beauty of the human soul, inviting you to more fully understand yourself, and how you function. Far from being a mechanics guide to an engine, it is personable, interactive, and - frankly - fascinating.


Knowing yourself empowers you to also know others more fully - so an approach to interpersonal relationships is presented - equipping you to both more completely understand those whom you love, and then develop more effective and mature process in your relationships. The CURE for LIFE: Relationships provides a new but well tried and tested process of steps to safely negotiate the challenges of any personal relationship, in a Godly and healthy way.


The Christian Wholeness Framework, on which this The CURE for LIFE series is based, presents a unique approach that has benefitted a growing community of people from different ages, cultures, and backgrounds. This approach has also stimulated the personal and professional development of many integrative lay and professional Christian counsellors, for over almost 30 years.


The CURE for Life: Relationships is for individuals, couples, families, pastors, chaplains, small group leaders, Bible colleges, mission workers, teachers, lay counsellors and health professionals. It is for you!

The C.U.R.E. for Life; Part Two

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