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The concept of the book, The Ego and Beliefs Revealed came to Stephen in a dream. Clarifying the concept of the ego and discussing both the healthy and unhealthy ego, this book will help you discover the beliefs surrounding the ego and receive guidance to healing it.

Join a discussion that will challenge and enlighten you-that the ego is often misunderstood. In an easy-to-read and friendly style, The Ego and Beliefs Revealed offers new understandings of the ego and may generate more meaning in life.

Become inspired and create change to make the world more peaceful.

Stephen Lloyd Boundy grew up in Far North Queensland Australia, in amongst the cane fields with a backdrop of the rainforest, creeks, and rivers. He spent his youth climbing trees and having adventures on his family's three-acre property bordering a creek.

Stephen did the usual things; studied (engineering), married, brought up a family, but in mid-life, sought more meaning to living and became a deep thinker inspired by reading and realising higher order wisdom.

While on walks through the forest or at a favourite cafe, Stephen started writing his thoughts and doing artwork, which then started to form into books. This was to become Stephen's legacy, to give back what he has gained. Stephen wishes to share his wisdom for all to share and experience as well as change for the better.

The Ego & Beliefs Revealed

  • ISBN: 978-1-922532-51-0

    Size: 127mm x 203mm

    Format: Paperback

    Pages: 126pp

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