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Giftedness is 24/7.  It cannot be turned off.  It can’t happen only between 9am-11am on Tuesdays.  What if you were gifted and there was nobody like you?  Would you want to stand out like a bright star against a velvety night sky? Or would you choose to hide by camouflaging your abilities?


This series of five books about a family of five gifted cheetah cubs is designed to provide a few snapshots of the world of the gifted and talented child.

While written and illustrated on a child’s level, they also help adults become aware of some of the issues a gifted child could face.


Our world needs these children.

What difference would it make if they were nurtured? 

What if they learned to celebrate their giftedness?

What if they prized their originality? 

What if they knew that this was normal for them? 

How wonderful if their giftedness were acknowledged when they were small!

The Gifted Kid Book Series - FULL SET

SKU: ORP1017
AU$125.00 Regular Price
AU$99.00Sale Price
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