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Are you carrying the weight of others on your shoulders? A big question but an important one that we forget to ask ourselves. This book is about making change and making life simpler. It is about letting go of ego, being more authentic and just being yourself and in turn helping others.


It is a self-help book in a self-inquiry type of way, I draw on my own experiences and learn from many others to understand one's thought process and what we are telling ourselves. It is a selection of personalized short stories that are relatable and actionable.


It will allow you to see life in a simple way and will help you make a more peaceful way without judgment on yourself and others. It will help you feel more aware. It will at times be confronting, sometimes sad as you reflect on the story and your own experience, but there will also be happiness, laughter, and intrigue as you feel a new sense of peace. It is about questioning who you are, how you react and how you get caught up in the drama. This book's overarching theme is about judgment and how damaging it can be to ourselves and others. When we replace judgment with noticing we can understand that you don't have to live a complicated life to be happy - this book will show you how.

The Little Book of Noticing

  • ISBN: 978-1-922854-46-9

    Size: 152mm x 228mm

    Format: Hardcover

    Pages: 130pp

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