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Discover and live your life's purpose to attain true happiness.


'A goldfish can't talk!' Tom exclaimed.

'Well, you speak to me all the time. So, why are you surprised I can talk?' Goldie reasoned in a warm, calm, and confident tone.


Follow the fantastic journey of Tom as he discovers his life's purpose. Through his encounters with animals that talk and everyday objects that come to life, and an amazing experience from his past, he is reminded of what his true talent and passion are. Eventually he understands what the Purpose Formula is all about.

As you read the story, you are encouraged to ponder, reflect, and make notes on what the characters are saying. You will be surprised what a goldfish, bird, photocopier, or even a ghost can teach you!

We hope that you will discover that living life according to the purpose you have been given is the key to attaining true happiness. The Purpose Formula will guide you in your journey to discover your talent and passion to achieve your life purpose. Start today on this incredible quest towards a happy and fulfilling life.

The Purpose Formula

  • ISBN: 978-1-922644-19-0

    Size: 127mm x 203mm

    Format: Paperback

    Pages: 112pp

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