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Ladies, are you ready to up your dating game?

Well pour yourself a drink and have a good read of this. Navigating today's dating scene can be confusing. That's why you need a good wing woman to go with your good shoes.

In The Stiletto Woman, Marisa tells it like it is and gives you the support and girly pep talk you need to blaze your way through the jungle of social pressure, heartache and loss, confusing relationship and dating dynamics and even fashion conundrums.

If you are struggling to find meaningful connections in today's dating world and even meaning of yourself and finding who you are and what you want, you are not alone. Women all over the world sympathise with your struggle. Using one part common sense, two parts transparency and a dollop of good humour and empathy, Marisa shares lessons from her experiences and others to help you transform self- doubts into Self- Empowerment.

Take control of your love life and find your happiness by rediscovering the beautiful woman that is you.

The Stiletto Woman

SKU: ORP1026
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