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In the middle of the night, Tommy is awakened by a bright light shining through his bedroom window. He quickly disappears under his doona. When he finally peeks out, the light has dimmed and a golden star shaped light is sitting on his window sill. In a quiet voice, the star speaks to Tommy and asks if he believes in wishes.


Tommy nods his head, wondering how this star knew his wish. The star said we listen to all the children's wishes every night as they go to sleep. It is your turn for the magic to begin. Tommy was suddenly transported out of his bedroom and on his magical journey, taking him far away, to meet someone special who could fulfil his wish.


Tommy finds the answers, to his many questions and experiences, being scared, finding courage, having faith and making new caring friends, before he ends up back in his bedroom again underneath his warm doona, knowing he can see his friends each night when he looks up into the night sky.

Tommy Meets The Moon

  • ISBN: 978-1-922854-96-4

    Size: 216mm x 280mm

    Format: Hardcover

    Pages: 36pp

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