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Many of us feel overwhelmed by anxiety, grief, and despair in witnessing the environmental and human tragedies across our wounded world, one in which our personal discontent and increasing global upheaval are colliding. We are crossing a fractured threshold afflicted by deepening crises-pandemics, climate emergency, ecological and societal breakdown, famine, war-that is evoking widespread psychological suffering, exacerbating our inner woundedness. There is, as a result, a longing by many people for solace and healing within our fragmented, wounded worlds. 


In this unique book, Peter White PhD explores the dynamic promise of wholeness, the 'brokenness' of his psyche-divided thinking, dark emotions, insecurities, shadows-and how this triggered the yearning for and subsequent revelation of his wholeness. It is a personal, 'spiritual but not religious' enquiry that offers a transformative approach for healing our inner world and nurturing our highest potential.


Drawing upon psychology, science, and spirituality, this book offers practical, insightful guidance to help us cope with the darkness of our worlds. White reflects on how experiencing wholeness helped him-as it may for us all-understand, live with, and where possible let go of his inner fractures and insecurities to recognise his highest self. This book offers a guiding beacon for your journey in these tumultuous times to become consciously whole.

Wounded Self Wounded World: Seeking Wholeness When Worlds Collide

  • ISBN: 978-1-922757-51-7

    Size: 152mm x 228mm

    Format: Paperback

    Pages: 336pp

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