Best Book Publisher in Australia

2021 – Well, what can we say? Ocean Reeve Publishing has stood out from the crowd and established the position as the best book publisher in Australia for 2021. However, amongst such uncertainty as a nation, as a world, to receive and then celebrate commendations and accolades seems rather obtuse. Maybe though, it is even more reason why we should celebrate success. Against the odds, a small indie book publisher achieving global and national accolades when COVID has changed so much about how we work and live does need to be celebrated.

APAC Insider – Best Australasian Independent and Self-Publishing Company 2021

This all began in November 2020 when we were informed that Ocean Reeve Publishing (ORP) had been nominated for the APAC Insider Australian Enterprise Awards in the field of best independent and self-publishing book publisher in Australasia. Asked if we would accept the nomination we naturally said yes and then completed a brief about who we were, why we do what we do and why we feel we deserve such an award. Honestly, we didn’t think anything of it in the sense we held no hope we would win anything.

Come January, we were informed we had won the award for Best Australasian Independent and Self-Publishing Company 2021. Stunned would be a good description of how we felt to win such an