The New Age of Book Marketing - 'Building the Foundations'

The way the landscape of publishing has developed it has become an exciting and invigorating time to not only be an avid reader but also an author. More books are being read, written and published than ever before and the availability in being able to produce a physical book or eBook and have it distributed is at our fingertips. With this comes the challenge in figuring out how the author is to effectively have their published works reach its audience in such a cluttered and massive environment. For a book to successfully reach an audience, there are two major factors that need to be given immense respect and focus; marketing and discovery. How do we inform our audience and how can readers f

Simplifying the Creative Process - APPS

Are you one of those people who quickly comment to others that you’re not creative? You have no imagination or you’re too left brain? When you’re asked to take on a creative project for either professional or personal purposes, do you quietly grow anxious? Maybe you have labelled yourself uncreative? Are these actually true statements? Can people really be totally lacking in creativity? Absolutely not, it is more likely that they just lack skill or talent at different aspects of it. Creativity can be deconstructed into four separate components I call APPS. Asking the questions Produce an idea to answer Progress the idea Start application of the idea Each component plays a pivotal role within

Four Basic Tips To Help Profile Your Published Book Online For Free

Your book's been published -- now go sell it. That easy? Not necessarily. However there are some basic tips that will help you in lifting your books profile, and that of the author – you. Congratulations on having the courage and commitment to write a book. Believe it or not, of all the people that say they want to write a book only 10% will actually write something and from that group only 10% will complete something and then again only another 10% will wind up talking to someone in my position. Why is this number so small? Well, we have been conditioned to remain within social expectation and fear the possibility of failure. However, as some of the greatest entrepreneurs and authors will t

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