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Four Basic Tips To Help Profile Your Published Book Online For Free

Your book's been published -- now go sell it. That easy? Not necessarily. However there are some basic tips that will help you in lifting your books profile, and that of the author – you.

Congratulations on having the courage and commitment to write a book. Believe it or not, of all the people that say they want to write a book only 10% will actually write something and from that group only 10% will complete something and then again only another 10% will wind up talking to someone in my position. Why is this number so small? Well, we have been conditioned to remain within social expectation and fear the possibility of failure. However, as some of the greatest entrepreneurs and authors will tell you without hesitation – success does not come without failure and fear, well, in my opinion that is a state of mind. Fear is an excuse. It is different from danger which is very real, but fear is an emotional and mental block we create to prevent us from taking risks or putting ourselves out there for scrutiny and comment.

But what if? What if you wrote a literary masterpiece? What if you wrote a toolbox or guideline that changes lives? What if you documented a part of your nations or family’s history never to be lost? There are simple answers to all of these questions. You leave a legacy, a footprint in time never to be forgotten. The trick now is to draw the public's eye toward your book and enjoy the feedback, growth, impact and financial reward from all of your passion and creativity. Sometimes that can be new territory for a writer so before stepping into some intense education in the book marketing field, here are a few ideas that will help build your profile and lift the awareness of your book without costing a cent.

  1. Create a social media profile dedicated to your book. These days, the core of all online and in-person marketing tools are connected to social media - a page or profile that is easily discovered where potential buyers can find out more about you, the author, as well as your book. Why is this so important? Over 15 years ago McDonalds and Coca-Cola executives were asked if they were on Facebook. Both replied yes. They were asked if it had increased their bottom line. Both replied no. They were asked why they were on Facebook if it didn’t increase revenue. They replied ‘because everyone else is’. It is about brand awareness and now, almost two decades later, social media actually does increase the bottom line. There are plenty of tutorials online that can help in setting up Facebook for this purpose and don’t forget any of the other social media that now occupy this ever developing space such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and YouTube.

  2. Connect with your audience. If your book is non-fiction, research websites and social media platforms that are frequently visited by readers interested in your topic. Websites that sell products related to your subject are of particular value and the facilitators may be willing to promote or even sell your book through their site. At the very least, they may be willing to read your book and post a short review and a link to more information.

  3. Create a book-related signature for your email. Adding an graphic or well written line about your book in your signature to all your outgoing email helps get the word out. You never know when your site will grab an email recipient's curiosity and prompt them to investigate your book further. Again this is all about brand recognition. The more people see and get familiar with the book and your new status as an author, the more likely the growth in awareness and interest will develop.

  4. Develop a press release that covers the release of your book and its topic. The press release should be sent to mainstream newspapers as well as any publication that has some connection with the topic of your publication. Most importantly, focus on your local media outlets. I believe book marketing starts from the inside out. In other words, start local and finish global. You will learn a lot from building your marketing reach on the smaller stage so once you reach a larger platform, you have learned a lot of do’s and don’ts.

To examine more focused and personalised approaches to the book marketing process, feel free to get in touch and have a chat about your book, your goals and your desired success. Contact through or

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