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Cover Design - the trends for the year ahead

As the digital world and industries within it continue to develop and become more competitive, so do the efforts to stand out as authors. Cloud-based apps and design software growth means that book covers have a more lustrous look and cost more. As do-it-yourself design programs and cheaper design services become more available and accessible, it is important we don’t lose focus on what makes a good cover and what is trending.

2017 saw design elements such as bold typography, pink colours and more quality photography. None of which are likely to disappear this year. But what else can be considered as we look at the cover design process for your new or future publication.

The keep it simple approach is always a trusted approach so minimization should be a popular approach. A lot of white space that highly contrast with some neutral colouring is a good path forward for book cover design. To continue to stand out authors and their publishing team need to find innovative approaches to design and create using as little as possible. The less-is-more philosophy is valuable here.

Realistic and quality photography with little effect will make a comeback. Over-filtered imagery that is clearly artificial has done its dash and will not help your cover design. With image and photo sites like Unsplash, Little Visuals, Dotspin, etc, developing quality and raw lifestyle images, we are tending more to the real and authentic than the fake and overdone.

Never lose sight of that genuine look and feel that not only fits within industry standards but also creates a look and feel that resonates with you and your message. Remember to fit in and stand out in authorship and this includes your quality and professional cover design.

Remember to take ACTION, exercise BELIEF in your creative vision and show COMMITMENT to the success of that vision. #becreative #beinspired #bepublished

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