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Content – what is selling?

The last two years haven’t really seen any ground-breaking releases that have rocked our worlds, but there have still been popular releases that have shown a trend towards the content desired by readers.

Non-Fiction and Biographies have dominated the top-selling lists of recent times and we are seeing more and more books released in the general non-fiction arena. Why? Easy. The need for connection and current affairs have taken a grasp of our conscious awareness and we want to feel valued and have answers to the decisions people are making in this turbulent world we live in. As more popular and prominent figures like celebrities are merging their industry with global and cultural awareness, we see a trend of content being absorbed on the topical. The market for mindful, real-life dialogue is expanding.

Believe it or not but digital weariness is real. People are on the lookout for more content that isn’t available online. More coffee table and photographic books will increase in popularity. Creating books of beauty that stand the test of time due to their uniqueness and quality production will resurge in the years to come as our demand for exceptional and diverse content grows. 2018 will continue to see an increase in physical book sales and either a leveling or continuing decline in eBook sales due to this trend.

Remember that the key 18-35 demographic has either never seen, or barely remembers, life before the digital world. As a result, some of the most successful content will come in physical form where published books will incorporate digital components so to still be relatable to this audience.

Printed books will also increase for the independent author as a way to not only generate further income from content, but as always, build credibility and expert status. The book being a business card theory is gone and now a book replaces a university or college degree. The perception it leaves in the world is immense and this will never be lost. Create content of value that offer a new way of thinking, believing and living for people to consider.

Remember to take ACTION, exercise BELIEF in your creative vision and show COMMITMENT to the success of that vision. #becreative #beinspired #bepublished


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